COEXPAN takes part in the EPS-SURE Project to recycle fish boxes and turning them into new food packages

Monday, 02 October 2017

The project, which represents a new advance in the Plastic Circular Economy, counts with a budget of 1.5 million euros and it has obtained a grant of the European Commission through the LIFE+ Programme.

COEXPAN takes part in the EPS-SURE Project to recycle fish boxes and turning them into new food packages

COEXPAN, a company specialized in the manufacturing of rigid plastic sheets and thermoformed products for the food industry, takes part as a key partner in the “LIFE EPS-SURE 2017-2020” Project, destined to the design of a new collection, pretreatment and recycling system of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) wastes to produce new high added value Polystyrene (PS) products suitable for food contact.

EPS SURE Project Cicloplast Coexpan product value chain

Cicloplast, an association that integrates all the companies of the plastic sector in Spain in which all ANAPE, COEXPAN, El Corte Inglés and Total Petrochemicals Iberica take part, coordinates the EPS-SURE Project. This is a collaboration agreement that completes the value chain in the process of generating, recycling and transforming the plastic materials.

A pioneer methodology in comprehensive management of wastes in Europe

COEXPAN contribution to the EPS-SURE Project will be a key element to verify the functionality of the new obtained grades according to the usual quality standards in the sector, analyzing its thermoformability, its preservation capability of the different types of food and its safe use as a suitable material for direct food contact. All this is happening thanks to COEXPAN long trajectory in the application and formulation of polymeric materials for the design of packaging solutions.

The Project, which counts with a budget of 1.5 million euros for the next three years, has got a European Commission grant through the LIFE+ Programme, which supports innovative projects related to environment and nature conservation; a pioneer methodology in this sector that seeks to be replicable to other countries in the European Union.

A recycling project based on the Circular Economy principles

With the start of the EPS-SURE Project, it is evident the commitment of the collaborating entities, COEXPAN among them, to work together throughout the following years to show that it is possible to transform the plastic wastes into new packages and to reintegrate them in the consumption chain, closing this way the life cycle of the product.

With this ambitious project, COEXPAN shows his commitment with the Sustainability, boosting new applications of high value recycled plastic as well as biodegradable and foamed materials.

COEXPAN, Cicloplast founder partner, has been collaborating with Cicloplast for more than 20 years in technical projects that promote a more sustainable and efficient recycling and treatment of plastics in order to reintegrate them in a circular economy where plastic wastes turn into material or energy resource.

More information about Cicloplast.

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