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All actions performed by the Lantero Group are based on respect, professionalism, honesty and integrity towards all people.

Lantero Group has a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which identifies the core values and principles that will guide the behaviour of all those employed by any of the Group companies, in the development of their activity.

Download our Code of Ethics.

Whistleblower Channel

The Lantero Group establish through the whistleblower channel a specific channel of communication to report possible irregularities and non-compliance, illegal or unethical conducts within the Group.

The complainant must complete the form below specifying the type of irregularity or conduct contrary to legality or the principles set forth in our Code of Ethics.

Also, if necessary, you may provide additional or relevant information through an attached document.

All messages will be analysed immediately, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the complainant.


The data provided by means of this form shall be processed by Laninver SHC, S.L., and by any other company of Lantero Group involved (please consult here the particulars of all the companies that are part of Lantero Group), with the sole purpose of handling the complaint that you are filing, on the basis of the legitimate interest of said companies of discovering any actions or behaviours that are contrary to the applicable regulations. The information shall be stored for no more than 3 months, unless it is necessary for the purposes of investigating the facts set forth in the complaint. All affected data subjects shall have the possibility of exercising their right of access, rectification, erasure, restriction, opposition and portability by means of a notification addressed to C/Velázquez 157, 28002, Madrid. In the event of believing that we have not adequately handled said request, data subjects may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Personal data shall only be transferred to the competent authorities, where necessary, or to the companies of the Lantero Group involved. The latter may involve the transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area to Argentina (country with regard to which there is an adequacy decision) or to Morocco, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Russia, in which case standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission shall have been implemented between the undertakings participating in the transfer. A copy of the same may be requested in writing from the aforesaid address.

I have read the privacy notice of the Whistleblower Channel.